100% Madagascar- Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

100% Madagascar- Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

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A rich, dark and intense chocolate drink with subtle notes of citrus fruit and berries, made with rare Criolla-Trinitaria cacao from the Sambirino rainforest of North West Madagascar.

This drinking chocolate product is completely unsweetened and may appeal to coffee drinkers or to those chocolate lovers who find most drinking chocolate too sweet and sickly.

Free from chemical treatments and alkalisation (not 'dutched').  Chocolate that has not been alkalised retains much more of its natural anti-oxidising properties, and zesty flavour.

Sugar free, so you can taste the bitter fruit notes of the chocolate, or add a sweetener of your choice.

Dairy free, like all our ground drinking chocolate products, so you can make a vegan hot chocolate.

Alternatively, 100% Madagascar can make an interesting addition to Chili Con Carne and other meat dishes.

Disolves easily in milk. Makes 8 - 10 mugs of Hot Chocolate!


This product is manufactured in a kitchen which also handles sugar, cow's milk, eggs and nuts, and may contain traces thereof.

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