Cioccolato Fondente

Cioccolato Fondente

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Extra thick latin style dark hot chocolate.

60% Cocoa. Grand Cru de Sambirano, Madagascar.

Great for dipping and pouring over deserts or fruits. A spoon shall be required!

Directions: Simmer 140ml of milk in a saucepan, then add 2 tablespoons (25-30g) of Cioccolato Fondente mixture, whisk until mixture thickens to the desired consistency. Pour and serve. We like to garnish with Shaved Chocolate Flakes.

Cioccolato Fondente can also be served cold. Simply pour, garnish, leave to cool a small cappuccino cup, then refrigerate for after dinner!

200g can make 7- 8 cups.

Ingredients: chocolate couverture, unrefined cane sugar, natural cocoa powder, glucomannan (dietary fibre), carob seed gum.

This product is manufactured in a kitchen which also handles cow's milk, eggs and nuts, and may contain traces thereof.

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